Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG)

At IPM we integrate ESG factors into the equity investment process. A part of our active weights in the Fund comes from the Governance & Quality screen that in a systematic fashion penalizes companies with aggressive accounting standards and other signs of lax corporate governance.

Additionally, the Fund is screened for compliance with international conventions and guidelines on environment, human rights and business ethics such as UN Global Compact, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ILO Core Labour Conventions, Environmental Conventions, Weapons-related Conventions. Non-compliance is handled through a process of engagement and exclusion.

To cover for the lost exposure due to the exclusions, with the use of an optimizer, the Fund applies a “best-in-class” approach that overweights companies with similar characteristics but in compliance with the norms.

We are active owners. In addition to our engagement efforts with all companies in our investment universe that violate the well-established international guidelines and conventions, the Fund incorporates proxy voting services according to best corporate governance standards into its ESG program. For the search engine of our voting decisions please click here.

From 2010 IPM is a signatory to UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

Below you will find our policy documents together with the latest engagement and proxy voting reports (they open as PDFs):

IPM Responsible Investment Policy
IPM Responsible Investment Instruction

IPM Engagement Report 2017

IPM Global Equity Fund – Proxy Voting – H2 2017
IPM Europe Equity Fund – Proxy Voting – H2 2017

IPM Global Equity Fund – Proxy Voting – H1 – 2018
IPM Europe Equity Fund – Proxy Voting – H1 – 2018