IPM adds quant researcher from Squarepoint to research team

IPM adds quant researcher from Squarepoint to research team

Jasmeet Singh Anand joins the research team at IPM Informed Portfolio Management (‘IPM’) to spearhead the buildout of Short-Term Strategies. IPM, the systematic investment manager, has $2 billion under management in its macro strategy as of September 2020 and offices in Stockholm, London and New York.

Before joining IPM, Jasmeet was at Squarepoint Capital, a systematic investment specialist headquartered in London, where he was responsible for developing and managing short-term strategies based on fundamental catalysts and the mean-reverting behavior of financial markets. Prior to Squarepoint, Jasmeet conducted mid-frequency research at Man AHL and OXAM. Jasmeet started his career as a quantitative developer/trader developing event-based, market making and index/statistical arbitrage strategies at the High Frequency Trading desk of Deutsche Bank.

Arne Hassel, CEO at IPM, said about Jasmeet:

“Jasmeet brings a wealth of experience when it comes to both quantitative research and portfolio management for shorter term strategies. This is a perfect complement to our current more long-term systematic approach and should add alpha as well as time frame diversification to our flagship strategy.”

“We continue use the expertise we have gained over the past couple of decades to broaden our range of strategies. Earlier this year we added emerging market rates and soon we will include commodities. Adding Jasmeet to the team means that we can speed up our development of short-term strategies.”

Jasmeet added:

“I am very excited and see this as a great opportunity to work together with a highly skilled team to develop short-term strategies and infrastructure solutions.”

Jasmeet will be based in our London office, now an important research hub, after adding two senior portfolio managers from Goldman Sachs Asset Management earlier in 2020, responsible for developing a platform to provide our investors with a broad suite of risk premia based strategies.

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Serge Houles
Managing Director, Chief Client Officer