IPM to cease all investment activities

IPM to cease all investment activities

IPM has a long history as one of the leading global systematic macro managers, generating attractive uncorrelated investment returns. However, the recent investment environment has been challenging for systematic macro as a strategy and IPM as a manager, with lacklustre performance and significant outflows. Considering the impact this will have on IPM as a business and the capability to deliver in line with client expectations, IPM’s Board of Directors has recommended that the firm ceases all investment activities and returns investor capital. A qualified majority of shareholders support this recommendation and will vote accordingly in the upcoming EGM taking place in the coming weeks.

Lars Ericsson, Chairman of the Board commented:

“The investment environment has been difficult in recent years for strategies focusing on economic fundamentals, with the Covid-19 pandemic aggravating the situation. Through these headwinds, we have continued to develop the strategy and added a number of new asset classes, approaches and models. But the challenging combination of the strategy being out of favour, weak performance and substantial investment outflows has led us to recommend that the firm ceases all investment activities.“

IPM will ensure that all investors are treated fairly in the process of unwinding all commingled funds and mandates. Over the coming months, all investors will be able to redeem according to each vehicle’s standard liquidity terms and the orderly liquidation of the vehicles will only begin once all investors have redeemed.

IPM would like to take this opportunity to thank all their valued clients for their trust and support, all service providers for their co-operation for over two decades and all our talented staff for their hard work and commitment.

For more information, please contact:

Arne Hassel

Lars Ericsson
Chairman of the Board