IPM wins 5-year best large cap CTA

2019 Managed Futures Pinnacle Awards: IPM wins 5-year best large cap CTA

CME Group and BarclayHedge announced the winners from the 2019 Managed Futures Pinnacle Awards on June 20th, 2019 at a ceremony in Chicago. Based on a quantitative ranking inspired by allocators, the Awards honor the top managers in the industry. IPM is proud to have received this recognition given the challenging investing environment over the last 5 years.

For more information on awards, please visit www.mfpawards.com/#awards.

Nominee Selection Process
The Backstop-BarclayHedge approach to selecting the Pinnacle Awards nominees is based on quantitative performance metrics commonly used by investors. Interviews and surveys were conducted with professional asset allocators to determine (1) which criteria are most useful to them in their selection process for managers, and (2) how those criteria rank in order of importance.

More than 100 allocators participated in this process, and in the final phase, the top five performance metrics (based on their aggregate ranking score) were selected. Each metric was given a unique weight determined by its ranking and was incorporated to compute the final score of qualified CTA programs within the Backstop-BarclayHedge database in each award category. The three programs with the best scores in each category were selected as the nominees, and the program with the top score will be named the winner.

The top five performance metrics – as ranked by participating investors and applied towards eligible managers to select this year’s nominees and winner per award category – include (in alphabetical order):

Correlation (to relevant indices)
Length of performance history
Minimal worst drawdown (lower magnitude of loss compared with others for given time period)
Net returns
Risk-adjusted returns

For additional information on these metrics or the calculation process, please contact info@barclayhedge.com

IPM did not pay to participate in the nomination. The award and its implicit rating might not be representative of any one client’s experience because the rating reflects an average of all, or a sample of all, of the experiences of clients, nor it is indicative or a guarantee for future performance. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. An investment in the Systematic Macro program can lose value.