Who we were

IPM Informed Portfolio Management (“IPM”) was an investment management firm founded in Sweden in 1998, with the purpose of delivering robust investment strategies with a systematic investment process to institutional investors.


IPM had a long history as one of the leading systematic macro managers globally, running approximately $5.7 bn USD at peak for the flagship multi-asset systematic macro strategy with investors globally across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. The strategy analyzed fundamental data from multiple perspectives to identify market opportunities and over time exhibited solid returns in line with leading managers in the sector, and low correlation to equities, bonds and other alternative investment strategies.

The investment environment in the period between 2020 and 2021 was challenging for systematic macro as a strategy and IPM as a manager, with lacklustre performance and significant outflows. Considering the impact of this on IPM as a business and the capability to deliver in line with client expectations, IPM’s Board of Directors made the recommendation in April 2021 for the firm to cease all investment activities. From this date, IPM announced the firm would terminate investment activities and return capital to investors.

IPM was headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden where IPM was founded back in 1998, but over the years IPM also held offices in London and New York as IPM’s global reach expanded. In addition to the flagship systematic macro strategy, IPM also ventured into Systematic Equities, managing $4.4 bn USD at peak in a smart-beta long only equity strategy, as well as commodities and trend following strategies. IPM took pride in hiring high caliber individuals and looking after them through offering a stimulating and dynamic environment with the ambition to deliver robust and diversifying investment returns and excellent client service.


Our HQ is in Stockholm Sweden, a city that is internationally recognized for its dynamic, innovation-friendly culture where its financial sector plays a critical role. It is one of the world’s largest hedge fund centers, second only to London in Europe, and a thriving European fintech hub.

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Mäster Samuelsgatan 6
SE-11144 Stockholm
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