Who we are

IPM is a systematic investment manager offering global macro investment solutions to institutional investors worldwide. We analyze fundamental data to develop investment strategies that strive to deliver long-term attractive risk-adjusted returns.


IPM was founded over two decades ago on the back of a simple but powerful idea – assist institutional investors with improving their overall portfolio returns by offering diversifying investment strategies.

IPM today is an international, conviction-based systematic manager for major institutional investors. The company was set up to deliver tactical allocations between asset classes using financial theory. It invests systematically when asset prices diverge from their fundamental values.

The key insights our founders discussed more than twenty years ago remain integral to our approach. Over the years, we have refined our approach and demonstrated consistent success.


IPM’s culture is built on Swedish values of inclusivity and mutual respect. The people working here have diverse backgrounds and contribute with individual perspectives. Everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions and defend their ideas. Discouraging group-think improves the quality of our decision-making.


IPM embraces familiar Swedish values that stress the importance of respect and responsibility. That extends beyond the confines of our own business. Our responsible approach to investment is in tune with the expectations of wider society.

We are noted for our strong research capabilities. The people that work here are driven by a shared thirst for knowledge. They want to understand what is happening in the world – not just on the surface, but its root causes and likely consequences.

We welcome difference and encourage debate. The diverse backgrounds and interests of those that work here enrich our collective wisdom. Alternative perspectives help us question consensus and engage with unpopular viewpoints.

Xiaohong Fan, Director in Research & Investments tells us how she joined IPM and what the company means to her. To find out more about Xiaohong, click here.


Today our team is over 60 strong. Here’s a small selection of them, giving you a glimpse of their interests and passions.

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Work at IPM

Our business stands or falls on the quality of its people and their ideas. We promote a culture of engagement and openness. Our management structure and style of working aim to encourage collaboration and participation. At IPM, you will gain responsibility early on in your career. You will be working with some of the brightest in the business, helping to shape innovative investment solutions at the cutting edge of financial markets.

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Our HQ is in Stockholm Sweden, a city that is internationally recognized for its dynamic, innovation-friendly culture where its financial sector plays a critical role. It is one of the world’s largest hedge fund centers, second only to London in Europe, and a thriving European fintech hub.

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Mäster Samuelsgatan 6
SE-11144 Stockholm
+46 8 20 19 29

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Park House, 116 Park Street,
London, W1K 6SS
United Kingdom
+44 203 709 6207